These rates are based on the rate of a professional service warranting a professional rate.

Essentials Introductory Course:

This is our introductory sessions to acclimatize you to what CrossFit is and how we at CrossFit Essentials “DO” CrossFit. You will be introduced to some of the paramount movements of CrossFit in order to get you better prepared for the WorkOut of the Day (WOD‘s).  When you are finished with the Essentials classes you will be able to attend the regularly scheduled WOD’s/ classes for the remainder of that calendar month.  “That month” being a month from when you attended the Essentials course.  For more information CLICK HERE

Essentials Intro Program $150.00

This Program is mandatory and includes (5) 1 on 1 personal training classes with the Head Coach going over all the basics of CrossFit and if you are found to be advanced the advanced levels of CrossFit. It also includes the first month of membership.

Drop In $10.00 per class

*Please call/ text with in an hour ahead of class time, to let the coach know you are coming.

3 Month Agreement $100.00 per month

Special Discounts We do not have any special

discounts because we do

not discount our service to you.


Personal Training:

*Personal training is additional training to CrossFit being that normal CrossFit is a balance of all physical disciplines.  This is higher caliber sports specific training to fine tone the athletes movements and performance.

We offer sport and non sport specific training

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