Why CrossFit Essentials Is Different?

The most obvious and evident difference is our “hands-on” approach to health, fitness, longevity, and mobility.  In helping you reach your desired goals you in turn will improve your performance and over all quality of life.

While many other gyms and their trainers would have you come in and either mindlessly hop from machine to machine or be led around day after day by a trainer that does not tell you or teach you how or why you are doing what they instruct…(understandably could sound comfortable to some)…we believe that there should be something more to maintaining your health.

At CrossFit Essentials, we are not just looking for bodies to fill a quota, but we are looking for knowledge seeking student/athletes who want to find there limits in order to push them back, to challenge themselves not only physically, but mentally, and emotionally reaching new levels in fitness and in turn resulting in a healthy over all life.

We strive to coach the best present day technology has to offer.  We coach you how to move more correctly with better kinesthetic awareness, this results in moving better in the gym so that you can move better when life’s demands or challenges outside of the gym are real (emergency) or just real fun (playing).  If you can’t run, walk…if you can’t walk, craw…but by all means keep moving and you will get there!

Exercise to live, not live to exercise.

Courtesy       CrossFit      Breakthrough
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